The Mini (1-10 photos) $40/photo
Making a good first impression is important for brands, and how visitors perceive your site can certainly dictate whether they become loyal customers. This package is ideal for brands that need to spruce up pre-existing photos on their website to cultivate a positive customer experience.
Standard (11-20 photos) $35/photo
Having quality images of your products on hand is convenient for brands that have multi-purpose use. Whether you need to update images for your website, want to create a digital campaign, or need to keep your social media accounts up-to-date, the standard package provides brands with enough images to get going.
Large Batch (21+ photos) $30/photo
Some brands need a large batch of photos with a relatively quick turnaround time. This package is perfect for brands preparing to launch products for the first time, need a complete rebrand, or brands that prefer to have enough photos stacked away in their inventory.

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